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Commercial aquariums are installed in commercial places like Hospitals, Hotels, Schools, Malls, IT companies, corporate offices, Factories and Public tourist place.

Living Art Aquarium is known for crafting aquariums for interiors and being the specialists in custom built aquariums in Chennai, South India. Some of our custom built commercial aquariums have been featured in hospital, hotels and office interiors. Commercial aquariums are in being mesmerized by the tropical fish amazing colors and light effects. We present how aquariums can create a stunning feature in any location. Installing a restaurant aquarium can create a desired atmosphere while hotels aquariums as showpiece helping customers soothing their mind. Nursing homes and hospital aquariums for their calming effects, while schools install fish tanks into their premise for their educational benefits. Aquariums are also very popular in offices and often installed in the reception area the boardroom or chill out areas to create a better environment for customers and employees.

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Commercial grade acrylic aquariums , a wide assortment of aquarium design choices, shapes, sizes and background colors. Aquariums have all museum grade seams. We offer a variety of new colors for our acrylic aquariums. We use colors on the backs of wall model displays according to the customer taste and requirement. Many of our customers like color options because they make the tank brighter and more entertaining. Inclusive service programs for one monthly charge. Millions of people enjoy viewing our aquariums every month.

Design aspects of aquariums

When we design aquarium projects with our customers, we evaluate different ways because an aquarium display can enhance the effectiveness of the spaces. This includes elements such as using an aquarium to divide a space and to assist in directing and improving traffic circulation. A divider or see thru aquarium also increases the viewing area of the aquarium without increasing the cost. We also try to use design to make aquariums more functional for our customers by adding seating bookshelves and tables as part of the display. Using an aquarium we can provide privacy, particularly important in medical environments. Placing the display in a corner makes it possible to have the benefits of an aquarium without losing any potential seating space. We have worked with hundreds of designers and contractors over the years to coordinate design, construction, delivery and cost effective installations. We install over 40 new custom aquarium projects per year. Mr. Meeran, founder of the company for over 20 years overseeing the Coordination and Installation of all our custom displays.

The benefits of adding commercial fish tanks extend far beyond simply adding a pretty piece to existing decor. One of the first benefits of commercial fish tanks is that a feel of permanence can be added to an office or business as a fish tank represents a continuing commitment. For instance, Offices have waiting rooms where potential clients or customers spend significant time. Also in a doctor’s clinic where patients may be on the edge awaiting diagnosis or treatment, it can be very calming to have commercial fish tanks as a part of the decor. At restaurants, without any perverse connection to the serving of seafood, commercial fish tanks can create an ambiance that tells business that this is an upscale establishment where great care is taken to maintain the decor.

We also Focuses on the development and execution of public Aquarium, Zoo Museum and large Scale aquarium Feature Projects. The custom Acrylic aquariums can be designed and build anywhere in south India. Growing trend in commercial interior design is the use of “living” materials. Reception area with plants and water, live plants, and aquatic environments are more soothing than portraits or prints. A tropical saltwater or freshwater fish tank with the reef can relax nerves and give a natural creative to the workplace.

Design. Installation. Maintenance.

we provide luxury commercial aquarium installation services which bring harmony and serenity at your administrative place. This gives a nice feeling to your clients who are waiting for you. It is a known factor that only a relaxed customer feels great in an office or a lobby, and you can render such relaxation with a nice mellow aquarium.

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For your clients, your aquarium can turn long waiting hours into an interesting one, with such amazing view to look at. Solacing than portraits or snapshots and fathomable than piped-in music, a tropical aquatic freshwater aquarium can sooth your nerves and bestow a natural creative edge to the concern.

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  • Changing water at least once in six-months

  • Fresh water, salt and reef tanks

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  • Aquarium renovations

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