Water Feature

We feel relaxed and peace when we hear, feel the sound of water movement in the nature. The sound from waterfall or pond or ocean gives us soothing effect to our mind and to our soul. So, it became a trend in installing a water features like artificial fountain, water cascade and ponds in the living place. As days gone it became a luxury kind of product, where a good architect or an interior designer includes artificial water features in their designs. Recent advance in technology made water features a significant scope in architectural designs. And some people include water features in their place for the routine flow of water based on their believes.

Living Art aquarium is the utmost qualified builder of water feature. With spectacular designs operating with Acrylic, glass, metals, stones, tiles, slate, granite etc. Water Feature built by us are custom based, depends upon the clients or designers desire. Either we can add logo to the water features or the size or the imagination of the customer based on the possibilities.

This water wall is great for small spaces and wonderful way to add extra signage to your business. Even the smallest office space has the room for water feature.

When combined with the directional lightning and vibrant feature wall, the result is truly a ‘wow’ factor in the space and never forgettable.

What we do:

  • Water Cascade

  • Pond less waterfalls

  • Garden Waterfall

  • Indoor water Curtain

  • Glass Fountain

  • Water Wall

  • Bubble water fountain

  • Decorative Fountain

Pond less Waterfalls:

It is a beautiful water features designed and build due to the space limit. It is good option for small and big outdoor adornment either small or big size. Children love sightseeing the nature in and around the living place. It re-circulates the water without the pond or large reservoir and it’s easy to maintain. And in case a need of pond in future it can be easily converted just by adding aquatic habitats.

Water Wall:

The flow of water on the wall attracts the people and children. Most of the hotels are installed with water walls are most likely to the guest. The water walls enhance the standard of the place. These water walls are installed in luxury homes and places.

Garden Waterfall:

These are highly demanded for their stunning appearance in the resorts. They include the scope of aquascape and landscape. We have a special attribute to design and build a natural looking waterfalls which are highly noticeable. We do it in a wide range like indoor waterfalls, outdoor waterfalls, interior waterfalls and fountain waterfalls.

Indoor Water Curtains

An exclusive range of model used in the interiors as curtains, these are highly pioneering. These are designed and installed on the walls, main entrances, pillars and as a partition too. It requires a little space and it is handy to install and maintain.

Glass fountains:

These are custom made it can be tailored as per the client’s requirement’s and desires. Most of our products are acrylic base, which is reliable and versatile for customising.

Bubble walls:

A special product tailored for luxury customer who loves quality and premium range of designs. The movements and aeration used in this product by us are exclusive unlike other manufacturer. These are built by acrylic panels. It is favourite for commercial and public places and mostly demanded by hotel industry.

Design and Installation

We are expertise in custom made aquatic products using Acrylic and glass. We provide piece of nature to the clients who loves to be real and luxury. In living art aquarium, we offer premium quality of custom-made aquarium, Pond and water features in India with the advanced technology and solution to ensure customer satisfaction. Our filtration and plumbing system used in water features are specially crafted for long run and maintain-free. Our focuses are to provide you a natural, eco-friendly approach for tailoring beautiful water features. For more than 2 decades we have been in the aquatic field and providing a special and reliable product to our clients.

Investment in Beauty & Elegance

Living Art aquarium is the most experienced provider of water feature in the city. With stunning design utilizing Acrylic, specialty glass, metals, stones, tiles, slate, granite and any other material as you wish.

Memory mark for your busniess

Water Feauture come in many styles and sizes, including logo water feature. These water wall are great for small spaces and wonderful way to add extra signage to your business. Even the smallest office space has the room for water feature.

When combined with the directional lightning and vibrant feature wall, the result is truly a ‘wow’ factor in the space and never forgotable.

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