Aquarium Maintenance in Chennai

A great share of caring the fish and aquarium is ensuring that their habitat remains healthy. To progress the installed aquarium perfectly, it must be skilfully maintained and this is key for keeping aquarium atmosphere safe. The main goal of routine maintenance by Living Art Aquarium is for stable aquatic environment and for stable survival rate where fish and other animals live healthy.

Why do Aquarium Maintenance?

How the natural water bodies are clean? Is there is any one to clean those? Exactly, no is there one to clean those still they do fine. So why clean the aquarium? Mother Nature is always active; she was created in the way of cleaning things itself.

Compared to natural water bodies, an aquarium is a relatively small and it is a closed system which becomes totally different from the habitat in nature. Filters certainly help, but if not maintained filters become clogged and can cause more harm than good. Meanwhile fish continue to produce waste, uneaten food decays, and potentially harmful by-products slowly build up. The only way an aquarium will remain clean is if it is maintained on a regular basis. Otherwise, over time the habitat will become less and less healthy for the fish.

Most of the people in India like cleaning their aquarium filter to get rid of dirty units, blocked sponges and slimy old chemical media. But they don’t like the mess because of the smell. Eventually canister choke, sumps become mud pits, protein skimmers are overflowing with dirt and our water quality suffers. And they don’t find enough time to maintain the aquarium. For maintaining a healthy marine or fresh water system requires a prohibitive investment of time and effort. Another difficulty in maintaining an aquarium by hobbyist is depending on the nature of fish or animals kept and the complexity of the system.

We could provide a trail session for aquarium maintenance schedule in your place for those who are interested

Who do Aquarium Maintenance?

In India most of the aquarist are keen in installing the fish tank either planted or marine or freshwater. But they fail to give proper care to the fish and the aquarium because it is difficult to keep the fish healthy and to clean the aquarium. There started our support to the people who wants their aquarium or pond to be clean and new enough always. We are maintaining the aquarium and Koi pond since a decade. We have many satisfied customers in terms of aquarium and Koi pond maintenance. We are unique unlike other aquariums in maintaining the aquarium and koi pond. We hold a proper expertise team separately for the maintenance service and we do organized work with certain principles and rules for ourselves. We are scheduled. We have the capacity to attend the customer place aquarium in case of emergency requirement. The fish tanks which are maintained by us are clean and neat with the healthy fish activity. We are clear and concise in every terms and conditions. Unlike other aquarium we make a contract with our clients based upon terms and conditions. The price we quote for maintaining an aquarium or koi pond is affordable and the service we offer to our clients are incredible. We do every type of fish tank maintenance

  • Fresh water aquarium Maintenance
  • Salt water or Marine aquarium Maintenance
  • Koi pond Maintenance
  • Planted fish tank Maintenance
  • Terrarium Maintenance
  • Vivarium Maintenance

Frequency of Aquarium or Koi pond Maintenance

Based upon the fish tank capacity we schedule the aquarium maintenance

  1. Weekly Thrice
  2. Weekly Twice
  3. Weekly Once
  4. Monthly twice
  5. Monthly once
  6. Periodically based on client’s request
How we are unique in Aquarium maintenance

Our expertise team offers proficient aquarium services based on the client’s requirements based on the fish tank capacity. We do organise and planned execution aquarium service to our clients. In case of emergency we don’t care about the time in closing the issues. Some clients out of the state call us to do the maintenance per month, because of the service we provide, our clients are really contented with us after installing the aquarium. We will test the water parameters (salt / ammonia / nitrite / nitrate / phosphate) regularly to maintain a healthy fish. We maintain a log book for each client. If it is planted fish tank, we will trim the plants based on the clients need.

What we do in maintenance

Maintaining an aquarium is labour, we are passionate in it. As a routine we clean throughout the fish tank including the filters, skimmers, mechanical filter if necessary weekly once to avoid algae formation, as it will terminate the look of the fish tank. We will do a 50% water change 3 months once and 90% water change 6 months once. During 50% water change we will siphon the sand so most of the ammonia and nitrate factors will be removed and the sump tank will be drained and well cleaned, so adding fresh water to it will give a good change. Whilst 90% water change if possible, we will remove all materials in the tank and we will give a fresh look by changing the scaping the tank into different perception. In case of malfunction of lights or other dry goods or filter media we will replace it and we will add live stock regularly to maintain the beauty of the fish tank.

The art of fish keeping lies in their maintenance and service. Proper care and consistent cleaning will prevent the fish from diseases and feeble environment for it to be alive. We, render our services for aquarium maintenance on contract basis and the charges vary on the services. We also offer a service plan for your aquarium according to your schedule and requirements. Get a free quote for aquarium service.

Our Maintenance Specialities

The art of fish keeping lies in their maintenance and service. Proper care and consistent cleaning will prevent the fish from diseases and feeble environment for it to be alive. We, render our services for maintenance of aquarium cauldrons and fishes on contract basis and the charges vary on the services we undertake. We also offer a service plan for your aquarium according to your schedule and requirements.

Maintaining is labour. We are passionate at it

This helps us to examine your aquatic species, antecedent to their inception into their new environment, The result is a significantly greater survival rate, Our services includes:

  • Refill Automatic feeders

  • Weekly / Bi-weekly services

  • Tank moving

  • Rebuilding Reefs

  • Replacing air stones

  • Restorations

  • Restocking with fishes

  • Changing aquarium decor and more…

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