Wall Mounted Aquarium

Wall Mounted Aquarium In India

The way we decorate and keep our places tells about us how lively we are, and we have the habit of adorning our room walls with things we like as they reflect our personality. So, we almost accessorize our places with beautiful frames, vases, posters, wall-hangings, and even television. Walking around the place with them will be tedious and bored as days goes. Back from office seeing nothing natural in the home pushes us to a stressful life. So, how to live a lively life. Here we go! add life to your place and to your soul by fixing a wall-mounted aquarium. Live a stress-free life and enjoy each moment what you look. Keeping an aquarium in a place has many health benefits for the human being by watching it.

What is Wall-Mounted Aquarium or Plasma Aquarium?

Living Art Aquarium uniquely provides wall-mounted aquarium to the people who loves living art on their place. Wall-mounted aquarium is a great option for the people who loves luxury, realistic art and lively décor. It is fabricated using Acrylic which has many benefits and it is light weight compared to glass. So, it is easy to install the aquarium on the wall with fearless factor of weight. It is a plug ’n’ play aquarium so it is easy for portability. Wall-mounted aquarium can be customized according to the desire of the client starting from the size of 2feet with the Inbuilt holes to fix it on the wall. People and your guest love and will get into the nature by watching the movement of the fish on the wall. There is simply nothing more beautiful than to have a little piece of nature for your living art. Each wall-mounted aquarium is created with safe acrylic. This means you’ll be able to fully enjoy your fish always, and you can clearly see everything that’s going on inside your little aqua habitat. What’s great about this tank is the fact that it’s compact and easy to look after.

1.     Compact in size

2.     Wall Mounted Living Art

3.     Space Saver

4.     Easy to Install and to mount on the wall

5.     Self-contained Advanced Life Support System

6.     Requires a little space on the wall

7.     Safe from children touching

8.     Made from high-density acrylic materials for best strength and clear visibility

9.     Comes with a range of decorative items

10. Easy to feed fish thanks to the hole at the top

11. A pre-drilled hole is easy for wall mounting

12. Capable of holding up to 200-liters of water

1.     Difficult to add big fishes.

2.     Can hold small quantity of water compared to free standing aquarium

3.     We won’t fix the wall-mounted aquarium on weak walls.

4.     Difficult to install without a proper team due to calibration

5.     For short person ladder is mandatory to feed the tank

Magic on Walls.

This Design gives a spectacular look to your place as an exquisite Living Creativity. We install wall mounted aquarium in variety of designs, themes and sizes which adds a sophisticaed touch to your place of business or home. The base of the aquarium from the wall to the case of the frame is spacious making it ravishing wall mounted paint yet a deeply extended space for your fish to swim and have fun.

Why Wall-Mounted Aquarium?

Now-a-days in India due to the over-population most of the people would build a house or buy a flat or an apartment or an office which is compact with limited space. Adding a free stand aquarium to that place would be quite difficult as it would take a huge amount of space. Instead of having a big bulky tank on your floor or counter; our wall mounted fish tanks will fit perfectly on any wall and this is entirely dedicated to the people who loves aquarium and lives in compact place. This wall-mounted aquarium adds life to the place and helps to live a stress-free life. They are designed for both home use and commercial use. Installation and mounting have also been made super easy. This is super-affordable wall fish tank, making the ideal and lightweight choice if you’re looking for something simple. Whether you’re buying this tank for your house, as a gift or even for your office, it’s sure to be a great addition to any wall space, and always makes for a great conversation starter. This creates a much more dramatic effect that you’re sure to love. Wall-mounted aquarium that you have surely will make you fall into love instantly.

Who do Wall-mounted aquarium?

In South India many people do free-standing aquarium but only few do wall-mounted aquarium; in it only we do perfect wall-mounted aquarium as we use current technology and designs to have an upgraded wall-mounted. We are doing design, installation and maintenance of aquarium in South India since a decade using new technology. We love for design and installation of the aquarium as we owe an excellent experience in this field. If you’ve got the limited space in your home or office and looking for keeping wall-mounted aquarium, then you’ve come to the right place as today, we’ve taken everything into account, including ease of use, functionality, size, and of course price.

How unique we are in doing wall-mounted aquarium

Living Art Aquarium offers more shapes, sizes and colours unlike other fish tank seller.
We are unique in manufacturing of wall-mounted aquarium in South India. The concept of filtration, mounting the fish tank on the wall, usage of light, automation feeder, materials used in the aquarium are totally different from others. Which is our unique standard where no one can copy us. We have more experience with wall mounted fish tanks than any other seller. What we love about this tank is the fact it is manufactured in the way to set it up where you want. We have a long-standing reputation for quality and craftsmanship. As you would expect a quality tank, we make from durable acrylic materials, which are renowned in the industry for their long lifespan and highly transparent properties, ensuring you always have the best view of your fish. In short, there’s really no downsides to this tank and you’re sure to fall in love with it the moment you start using it!


All our components are detachable. So, it is easy for portability and for maintaining.


Once we installed the wall-mounted aquarium in your place we start to provide you weekly maintenance.

Our Specialities

We offer both fresh and marine water aquarium with standard features. Our models and ideas are absolutely stunning and it is sure to serve a treat to your & guest’s eyes. You can easily own this pieces of art. They can be easily mounted, cleaned and maintained.

  • Tailored installation and maintenance

  • Ensure healthy and beautiful Aquarium

  • Exceptional service exceeds your expectation

  • One complete year – Leak proof Warranty for our products

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