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Why Custom aquarium manufacturing in Chennai, India?

Aquarium in Chennai home can be sensibly planned and integrated into your interior designs. If trusting readymade aquariums on stand is a thought, it’s very old and just not fashionable. A true symbol of richness in the house comes from calculating the size for the purpose and for intended look of your home design. We are aquarium designers who will do Aquarium designs to the next level.

Residential Aquarium in Chennai, India.

If you’ve started feeling to set an aquatic nature in your home, you’ve come to the right place! I have been an aquarist for nearly a decade and it would be an understatement to say that the hobby changed my life.

Living Art Aquarium is specialist for handcrafting the finest custom residential aquariums in Chennai, India. We provide clients with a premium level of quality, craftsmanship and elegance in India. Make an imagination of an aquarium as a part of an art in your home and that’s what an aquarium we build, serve to you. This would be a source of enjoyment to your loved ones and friends who come to your home. A picture can be elegant look at, but can’t be lively. But an aquarium in your house gives a mesmerizing effects and lively environment. We provide our clients with unlimited options when adding a personal fish tanks to their home. We work with your design team from seamlessly integrating a largest aquarium into a living space, to aquariums that are the primary focal point of the room to ensure your vision is executed perfectly.

Custom Designed Aquariums in houses will become the core of living place. We install customized giant Aquariums and floor aquariums in private residences. All design consultation, final design and fabrication is done in our manufacturing unit. Our custom aquariums offer the same museum class seams and polished outer edges as we have done for years. Our products are widely known for their unique design and exceptional quality.  We have taken our design expertise and focus on quality, to build custom aquariums for residences, commercial businesses, hotels, resorts, public aquariums, zoos and education institutions. Our manufacturing facility is fully equipped to fabricate any custom design.  We have skilled aquarium builders, trained to meet customer’s high expectations for quality.  Our Custom Process, from initial design consultation to final quality control inspection of the finished product, has been created to minimize errors, meet the Client’s demand for excellence and most importantly obtain complete customer satisfaction. We give our clients most sophisticated and elegantly customized design with timely execution for affordable cost.

Aquarium options that can be installed in Residential place.

Marine Aquarium, Wall-mounted Aquarium, Natural Planted Aquarium, Artificial Planted Aquarium, Rocking Setting Aquarium, Natural Garden Aquarium, Artificial Garden Aquarium, See Through Aquarium, Plasma Photo Frame Aquarium, Acrylic Aquarium, Reef Aquariums, Pillar Aquarium, Floor Aquarium, Free Standing Aquarium, Coffee Table Aquarium, Discus Aquarium, Cascade Pond, Partition aquarium, Customized Aquarium, Koi Pond, Artificial water body, Water Fountains, Aquascape and Hardscape are done by Living Art Aquarium along with the Aquarium Maintenance Service in Chennai.

Wall partition Aquarium that is acting as divider between bedroom and Living Room. There are open able curtains on the back side in the bedroom to help with privacy. The tank wall is designed to give a very modern look and feel. The aquascape of the aquarium is thought to create space as is in the entire duplex apartment. The idea is to keep it simple and elegant. The Fish tank done in Acrylic is the real beauty and safety for the home. The fish tank which we design carries an overflow system with a sump underneath if customer desired. The tank is provisioned to be converted to a saltwater or a reef aquarium at any point the client wishes to. This will not need any additional plumbing or excessive modification. The decor and aquascape can always be changed easily. The tank has automatic water changing LSS system. It has automatic fish food dispenser so that client can go to vacation for a long period without worrying about tank maintenance. All in all a signature styled Aquarium made by us.

Aquarium Design in Chennai, India

To execute a project, Living Art Aquarium had to use these skills below:

Civil Engineering / Structural Knowledge/ Metal Fabrication knowledge/ Interior designer skill-set/ Filtration and flow design / Water chemistry skill-sets/ Eco-friendly way of building things from an operational perspective/ Electrical/ Plumbing/ Aquascape design & execution/ Fiberglass (FRP) & Polystyrene work for Artificial creation of tree trunk/ Water parameters tuning for specific Biotope of fishes & testing/ Fishes/ Finally ongoing AMC Aquarium contract.

Living Art Aquarium

We are the best in South India when it comes to beautiful Acrylic residential Aquariums in Luxury Home residential segment. It may seem intimidating to some people looking at the amount of effort that goes into building beautiful aquariums at home residences, but we make the job very easy for the client with planned execution. We make the Aquarium Perfect. With advancement of technology in almost all fields of our lives, we employ some of the best practices to minimize maintenance of your residential Aquariums, by having Automatic feeders, Self-cleansing systems, remote alarms, and remote video & control if desired. Our premium Aquariums usually come with Touch switches, dimmer control, automatic time-set lighting and a host of technological features when necessary. Our clients go for vacation for even a month without bothering and having peace of mind that the Aquarium and its inhabitants would be safe. We are a professionals and travelled by years of experience with International collaborations. Profound technical expertise in the field of Saltwater, Tropical Aquariums, Livestock and Quarantine procedures. We provide you Aquariums in shapes and sizes that you could only nightmare. We are best in Acrylic Aquarium Manufacturing in India. We have wide installation experience in Chennai, Bengaluru, Kerala, Coimbatore and many other parts in South India. Our dedicated Project teams to blend out Huge Aquariums on-site. Our teams travel all over South India to execute some of the stunning Aquariums in Luxury Homes, Hotels & offices. With our beautiful custom Aquarium installations at 5-star Hotels, Resorts, Industries & Celebrity Homes we assure with confidence the quality we deliver. We manufacture majority of our custom Aquariums in Acrylic to provide premium finishing for our Clients. With Acrylic we can provide a safer option, give you extended clarity, factory finishes, and shapes only limited by the imagination. Our renowned Life support systems keeps your tank water sparkling clean. To top all of this, our Maintenance team takes all the Aquarium support out of your agenda.

The beauty of this Acrylic Aquarium is that it looks good even without having any decor inside. The lighting effect is such that it seems to simplify some things and makes you calm when you watch the Aquarium. This tank is 120″ Long and a breadth of 20″ with a height of 31″ – a very comfortable size & elegant.

We are the specialists in designing Acrylic Aquariums in Chennai .Living Art Aquarium with expertise on such projects, we consider everything is possible. We look deep into the options and if they are not there, we create them. Everything is possible! We shake hands and work with the clients. Yes the first step is to study the challenge!

Installation. Design. Maintenance.

Make a picture of an aquarium as a part of an art at your home and that’s what an aquarium we built, serve as. This would be a source of delight to your loved ones and friends who come to your home. A picture can be elegant look at, but can’t be lively. But an aquarium gives an mesmerizing effects and lively environment.

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  • Customized design

  • Timely execution

  • Affordable cost

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